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Committed to the development of our communities globally

As a company, we draw numerous benefits from the society in which we operate – well-trained employees, satisfied customers, legal and political stability and excellent infrastructure. We believe it is only right that, in line with the concept of corporate citizenship, we assume responsibility and ensure that society also benefits from our success. Our social commitment is based on the same fundamental principle as our entrepreneurial activities – a consistent focus on a manageable number of projects that promise long-term success.


Our not-for-profit activities focus on providing support for science education in schools. After all, skilled employees are a prerequisite for the sustainable success of our company, no matter where in the world we operate. We endeavor to encourage young people to develop a passion for chemistry, awaken their inventive spirit and make them aware of the diverse career opportunities that the LANXESS Group offers.


Consequently, some 51 percent of the projects we implemented in 2015 were dedicated to education. The geographical focus of our activities was the European region, where we implemented 57 percent of all projects. Overall, more than 335,000 mainly young people benefited from our projects, which we funded with more than €2 million.


The primary purpose of our dialogue with customers, employees, suppliers, capital market participants, the media, neighbors of our sites, and representatives of politics, public authorities and NGOs is to identify topics that we consider to be significant in terms of our corporate responsibility. At the same time, we seek to encourage mutual understanding and build trust through open and constructive dialogue. 


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 221 8885 1099

Fax: +49 221 8885 1769

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