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Safe Plants and Processes

High standards for all production sites

LANXESS operates over 50 production sites worldwide. The diversity of the company’s product portfolio demands a whole range of chemical and technical processes, making a clear, group-wide safety concept especially important. The application of uniform standards for planning, building and operating plants helps to systematically identify risks and potential hazards and safely eliminate them by implementing appropriate countermeasures. This approach enables LANXESS to put in place the conditions needed to ensure processes at all sites worldwide are safe. 


A comprehensive safety management system sets out exactly how employees should approach safety-relevant processes at production plants. Staff training and regular reviews ensure that these regulations are systematically implemented. During compliance checks, experts conduct spot checks to assess whether all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the safe operation of facilities.

Targeted education for good neighborly relations

At the German sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen, LANXESS works with its service partner CURRENTA on safety issues. With its many years of experience and advanced technologies, the company plays a key role in protecting people and facilities. CURRENTA also focuses on education, for example by distributing safety leaflets to private households located near the sites. These leaflets include information on the high safety standards in place at the plants and also provide important tips about what to do should an incident occur. This reinforces trust in the chemicals industry and helps to prevent hazards.


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