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Responsible Supply Chain Management

Joint audits to progress in sustainability criterions

Supply chain sustainability, also referred to as responsible sourcing, is defined by LANXESS as a voluntary commitment to manage our relationships with suppliers in a responsible way.

This can be done using several incentives, including information and training, as well as assessments and audits of suppliers’ practices.

As a consequence, we expect our suppliers to be compliant with our Supplier Code of Conduct, thus demonstrating commitment and responsibility through our entire supply chain. We consider performance in sustainability as an important criterion in the selection and development of our suppliers.

To enlarge the effectiveness of our existing efforts and  to harmonize sustainability requirements for successful business partnerships, we have founded, in collaboration with other multinational Chemical Companies, the Together for Sustainability initiative (TfS).


Please visit for further information on members and the objective of this initiative. To support these efforts, we invite our business partners to participate in a sustainability assessment or audit program. A harmonized audit approach shall reduce the efforts and costs spent on double audits for suppliers. 

The audit reports will be shared within the members of the TfS initiative following the slogan: “An audit for one is an audit for all”.

Based on the principles of UN Global Compact and Responsible Care, the purpose of the initiative is to develop and implement a global supplier engagement program to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chain of the chemical industry.