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LANXESS in Hamm Uentrop

DuBay Polymer in Hamm-Uentrop is a chemicals company with ultra-modern production facilities, which it is clear to see, are just a few years old. In fact, this joint venture between LANXESS and DuPont – both are 50 percent stakeholders – was only established in 2001.

Since then polymers have been produced at this site from polybutylene terephtalate (PBT). LANXESS refer to these technical plastic as Pocan®, whereas DuPont call is Crastin®. They are used, for example, in the field of green mobility, in the electrical and electronics industry, in mechanical engineering, the chemicals industry and  in apparatus engineering.


DuBay Polymer GmbH

Production site

Frielinghauser Str. 5

59071 Hamm

Tel.: +49 2388 3183100

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