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The Future of Tires is Green

Minimizing the vehicles thirst for fuel

"Green Tires"

Cars consume too much fuel – that’s why tire producers are working to reduce vehicles’ thirst. 

Yet there is another reason to develop consumption-optimized tires: mandatory tire labeling will take effect in November 2012. This will make tire quality visible to consumers.

Tires are high-tech products that require innovative materials and “ingredients” – such as high-performance rubbers like those manufactured by LANXESS. The company has a more than century-old tradition here – no one knows rubber better than LANXESS.

Tires that have an excellent performance in terms of rolling resistance, road grip, mileage and noise emissions are  known as "Green Tires." You can read more about "Green Tires" and our contribution here on the following pages.


Axel Vaßen

Axel Vaßen
Head of Public Affairs

Phone: +49 221 8885 4139

Fax: +49 221 8885 4994

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GreenTires Inforoom

Find out more about "green tires" in our inforoom-graphic!

GreenTires Inforoom [PDF, 5 MB]


Get the facts

The factbook for "Green Tires" is available as download here

Green_Tires_Factbook [PDF, 4 MB]

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