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Compliance at LANXESS

Compliance at LANXESS is a basic requirement underlying all of our business activities and is non-negotiable

At LANXESS, we understand compliance to mean observing all legal provisions and LANXESS' internal rules and regulations which apply to the LANXESS Group and its employees. In addition, LANXESS also complies with internationally recognised principles such as those laid out in the United Nations Global Compact.

LANXESS' Compliance Management System

As a company with international operations, LANXESS has a global responsibility to ensure proper conduct. To this end, LANXESS has established a Compliance Organisation with representatives across LANXESS' global network of subsidiaries that manages LANXESS' Compliance Management System. The fundamental aim of the Compliance Management System is to appropriately and effectively ensure compliance throughout the LANXESS Group in order to quickly address illegal or unethical conduct at the LANXESS Group. Appropriate organisational measures and processes are in place to prevent employee-specific misconduct (prevention) and to uncover such misconduct in a timely manner (identification) and to take appropriate corrective action (reaction).


The Group-wide "LANXESS Code of Conduct" is the central component of the Compliance Programme. The Code of Conduct is a guide for all employees that sets out internationally applicable principles of proper conduct. Additional preventative measures include in particular the extensive portfolio of compliance advisory services and the Group's targeted compliance training seminars.


The Integrity Line provides employees with various means of reporting potential violations to the Compliance Organisation. Well-founded tips are investigated and, if necessary, appropriate corrective action is taken. The legitimate interests of each party – both whistleblowers and employees who face an accusation – are taken into account.


Our business partners may also turn to the Compliance Organisation for assistance and to report violations of the LANXESS Code of Conduct or other misconduct on the part of LANXESS.

You may contact the Compliance Organisation in Germany, either in English or in German, at:


Compliance Officer


Integrity Line or by telephone Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CET at 0800-18-19733 (Germany only) or at 0049-221-2052-298 (international)

You will be connected with a lawyer from the law firm Heuking, Kühn, Lüer, Wojtek. Anonymous tips are welcome. You will also remain anonymous vis-à-vis LANXESS.


Compliance Officer

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