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HSEQ objectives – clear specifications

A clear commitment to safety and climate protection

The HSEQ Committee, under the direction of LANXESS Board of Management, is tasked with ensuring worldwide compliance with uniformly high quality management, occupational safety and environmental protection standards. The committee is responsible for initiating and monitoring the global implementation of all necessary HSEQ directives, standards and programs, as well as for defining HSEQ objectives and monitoring their achievement. These targets are updated annually and adjusted accordingly.

Thanks to a broad range of pioneering technical solutions, LANXESS is helping to minimize or completely avoid greenhouse gas emissions. The various measures cover the entire value added chain – from energy generation and manufacturing processes to the disposal of waste.

Major progress and clear goals in climate protection

LANXESS has been part of the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2006 and shares data and information on climate protection and the reduction of emissions. The Carbon Disclosure Project is an organization representing international institutional investors who have joined forces in order to improve transparency for the financial market on questions linked to climate change and the requisite corporate guidelines.

LANXESS has set itself clear targets for climate protection. Our aim was to deliver a 10 percent reduction in specific CO2 emissions for each business segment by 2015. Moreover, emissions of volatile organic compounds are also to be cut by 30 percent worldwide by 2015 compared to 2010. In terms of specific CO2 emissions, all segments achieved their reduction targets. With a reduction of around 30%, the Performance Chemicals segment substantially exceeded its target. The situation was also very encouraging in the two other segments – Performance Polymers and Advanced Intermediates – where we succeeded in cutting specific CO2 emissions by approximately 13%. One key reason for this achievement is the partial switchover to climate-neutral biomass for in-house power generation. We were able to reduce our specific CO2 emissions across all segments by about 17%.

The current objectives for 2016 you will find on the download area on the right!


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Sebastian Röhrig
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