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Hazardous goods management and transport safety

Through our global dangerous goods and transport safety management system, we ensure the avoidance of hazardous situations in the relevant processes. We centrally coordinate, supervise and review the implementation of international, regional and local dangerous goods and transport safety regulations and internal company guidelines. The central classification of our products ensures uniform interpretation of international, regional and local dangerous goods regulations, while at the same time respecting regional and local specifics.


Classification determines, among other things, the form of encapsulation (packaging and tanks), marking and labeling, the permitted modes of transport and transport routes and the measure that emergency services must take in the event of a transport incident. The corresponding classification data are archived in LANXESS’s safety data system for chemicals . In 2015, we expanded the central dangerous goods classification for Mexico and Uruguay and made preparations to incorporate Australia into the system. In the years ahead, we aim to consistently pursue this approach and integrate the remaining countries – Argentina, India, Japan, Russia and South Korea.


Limiting potential hazards

Besides the actual transport logistics, the Transport Safety unit at LANXESS is also responsible for upstream and downstream processes. These include loading and unloading, filling and emptying, handling operations and load securing for hazardous and non-hazardous goods. Potential hazards in the process chain are systematically identified and minimized through appropriate precautions.


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