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CO2 reduction

Read in the LANXESS WebMagazine how LANXESS contributes with technical-solutions to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases at its manufacturing sites.


Protected by Preventol

The LANXESS biocide Preventol protects wood coatings, emulsion paintslacquer and plaster from microbial attack.

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Flexible even if it is getting cold

LANXESS´s synthetic rubber Levapren provides the right balance of oil and heat resistance and remains flexible at low temperatures.

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LANXESS - colorful leather for your life

With its Aquaderm X pigment range LANXESS sets trends for new designs and color diversity for leather.

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Expansion for high-performance plastics in the USA completed

LANXESS has started up a second production line for high-performance plastics compounding in Gastonia, North Carolina. The new line doubles the site’s production capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 metric tons annually.

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CO2 reduction


Flexible Rubber

Aquaderm X

Expansion completed