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Interim Report Q3 2014

LANXESS releases quarterly figures

Find more information about the third quarter 2014 in the interim report.

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Modern Building Coloration

Bayferrox for “data highway” in South Korea

Daum Space.1, Jeju Island, South Korea: A futuristic form of Nature. Virtuality has seldom found such structural expression as in the case of Daum Space.1, where the concept of a Data Highway has been applied to architecture in a most spectacular way.


Great Potential

New structural materials for car and truck exterior body parts

LANXESS sees great potential for the use of PBT and polyamide compounds in production of vehicle exterior body parts – for example bumpers, sills, front grilles, door handles, fuel tank flaps, spoilers and mirror housings.

Read more about Durethan and Pocan materials

Megatrend Urbanization

LANXESS is stepping up to meet the urbanization challenge

Increasing urbanization presents cities with enormous challenges. What role does LANXESS play in this exactly? Click through our portfolio of solutions to see how LANXESS contributes, for example, to a sustainable city concept.

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Supporting the researchers of tomorrow

Education is the future - read our latest WebMagazine article

LANXESS is not only investing in the training and continuing professional development of its own personnel but is also specifically seeking to spark students' interest in the sciences. From workshops and project weeks to support local high schools to experiment kits and special educational materials for elementary school students, this initiative has been an integral part of the group's social commitment for years.

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Bonjour, Paris!

Bayferrox pigments for unique shade Eiffel Tower Brown

The monument, which was constructed for the 1889 World’s Fair and was originally intended to remain in place for only 20 years, is repainted every seven years. Bayferrox pigments from the specialty chemicals group LANXESS AG provide the color for the Paris trademark’s high-grade anticorrosion coating.

More about the use of our pigments in paints and coatings.

Rhein Chemie turns 125!

Watch our latest video clip to learn about Rhein Chemie's beginnings and the exciting history that leads up to the 125th anniversary. Happy Birthday, Rhein Chemie!

Interim Report

Q3, 2014

Case Study

Bayferrox Pigments

Structural materials

Cars and Trucks






Bayferrox Pigments

Rhein Chemie

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