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Megatrend Urbanization

LANXESS is stepping up to meet the urbanization challenge

Increasing urbanization presents cities with enormous challenges. What role does LANXESS play in this exactly? Click through our portfolio of solutions to see how LANXESS contributes, for example, to a sustainable city concept.

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Strengthening our production network

LANXESS expands new plant for inorganic pigments in Ningbo

LANXESS is strengthening its production network in China to meet the high level of demand for iron oxide pigments and is adding a mixing and milling plant to the pigment plant already under construction in Ningbo.

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Colors for the field

To meet the needs of a growing global population, seeds are blended with a variety of active ingredients. Seeds and plants that have been treated are dyed to help keep people and animals from inadvertently ingesting them. Some of the dyes rely on pigments produced by Functional Chemicals.

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Lightweight Materials Video

We produce innovative high-performance products - clever material combinations for many application possibilities. We also offer lightweight solutions with very high quality but with the smallest weight. See more in our image video...

Supporting the researchers of tomorrow

Education is the future - read our latest WebMagazine article

LANXESS is not only investing in the training and continuing professional development of its own personnel but is also specifically seeking to spark students' interest in the sciences. From workshops and project weeks to support local high schools to experiment kits and special educational materials for elementary school students, this initiative has been an integral part of the group's social commitment for years.

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LANXESS strengthens high-tech plastics production in USA

Growing demand for lightweight plastics in U.S. auto market

LANXESS is expanding its Gastonia, North Carolina, compounding facility for high-tech plastics by adding a second production line. The expansion represents an investment volume of about USD 15 million and will double the existing capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 metric tons annually.

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Leather - a modern material

Our newest WebMagazine presents one of the oldest natural materials

It is one of the oldest and yet the most modern natural materials in everyday use. Not least, thanks to modern chemistry, leather is a successful product on a global level that is constantly being reinvented. Above all, however, it is a prime example of sustainability.

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Butyl Rubber with new branding and website

We renewed our branding. Butyl became X_Butyl™. As a global leader in Butyl rubber, we strive for innovation and technical service excellence focused on our customer’s needs. All of this and much more is now reflected in our "World of X_Butyl™".

Visit the brand new Butyl Rubber website

Half-Year Financial Report 2014

LANXESS published Q2 2014 on August 6

Q2 EBITDA pre exceptionals up 20.7 percent to EUR 239 million / Q2 net income improves to EUR 55 million / Full-year EBITDA guidance narrowed to between EUR 780 and EUR 820 million.

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Bonjour, Paris!

Bayferrox pigments for unique shade Eiffel Tower Brown

The monument, which was constructed for the 1889 World’s Fair and was originally intended to remain in place for only 20 years, is repainted every seven years. Bayferrox pigments from the specialty chemicals group LANXESS AG provide the color for the Paris trademark’s high-grade anticorrosion coating.

More about the use of our pigments in paints and coatings.

Site Reports: Focus Geleen

The spacious plant is impressive, and not for its green areas alone.

Our little series "Site Reports" focusses on one of our sites or a region worldwide. After Australie, we now would like to introduce Geleen in the Netherlands!

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LANXESS in Brazil

In terms of sales, Brazil is our most important market in South America

In Brazil LANXESS is represented with all its 14 business units. It employs about 1,000 people in the cities of São Paulo, Porto Feliz, São Leopoldo, Duque de Caxias, Triunfo and Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

More information.

When the ball is on a roll

Read the latest LANXESS WebMagazine

Hundreds of millions of people are on their feet or on the edge of their seats in the stands, at public viewing events or at home in front of their televisions. Whether Messi, Ronaldo, and company cause rapture, delight, or indeed despair with their performances this year in Brazil, won’t just be a function of the players’ physical attributes.

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Rhein Chemie turns 125!

Watch our latest video clip to learn about Rhein Chemie's beginnings and the exciting history that leads up to the 125th anniversary. Happy Birthday, Rhein Chemie!

Antwerp Operation

LANXESS takes high-tech plastics plant in Belgium into operation

LANXESS has taken its new plant for polyamide plastics in Antwerp, Belgium, into operation as planned. The world-scale facility for polyamide plastics is designed for an annual capacity of around 90,000 metric tons. It represents an investment volume of EUR 75 million.

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Travel through time

Rhein Chemie celebrates 125th anniversary

In 2014, as we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we can look back with pride on our impressive company history: 125 years in which our motto, “Focusing on Progress,” has always guided us to new challenges, opportunities and success through exciting developments, technologies and industries.

Rhein Chemie's history in a nutshell

Video: Annual Stockholders' Meeting

Travel to the Cologne LANXESS arena with us and see what this years Annual Stockholders' Meeting was all about. Watch our Video Clip.

A glimpse of the day!

Take a look at our picture galery with the highlights of the Annual Stockholders' Meeting 2014 in the LANXESS arena in Cologne on May 22.

Calculate your savings potential

Finding the right tires has become very easy: with the free Fuel Saving App.

It is time to change your tires from winter to summer tires: With the free Fuel Saving App from LANXESS you can see quickly and flexibly, how much fuel and money you can save with “Green Tires” – simply on the internet, and also on your Ipad or Iphone.

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Introducing Matthias Zachert

Matthias Zachert assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS AG on April 1: "I am looking forward to the new tasks back at my former workplace..."

Get to know Matthias Zachert

Finishing Leather

LANXESS Aquacast: innovative, water-based transfer coating

“Increasingly strict environmental regulations are limiting the use of solvent-based coatings for a growing number of applications. This is what prompted LANXESS to develop the Aquacast system,” says Dr. Marc Hombeck, head of New Business for the Leather business unit at LANXESS.

More information on this innovation

LANXESS and the Megatrends

LANXESS and the megatrends: The world is changing. The growing world population will need more food, energy, housing and mobility. With our innovative products, we meet the challenges of the urban future. Find out more here!

We bite back!

World Malaria Day on April 25: LANXESS has a product that helps keep away insects - Saltidin

If you are planning to vacation in a tropical area, you might want to think about insect repellent twice. LANXESS has a product that helps keep away insects and is used in many insect repellents you can buy in a drug store: Saltidin!

Find out how LANXESS helps prevent malaria.

Safety for end consumers

Internationally valid certificates for Velcorin from LANXESS

The beverage industry can reliably assume that food safety is maintained in the supply chain when the cold sterilization agent Velcorin is used

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Two months to go!

FIFA World Cup 2014 coming up in less than two months. Doscover LANXESS' role in the sports industry.

It's the final countdown. Only two months from now the world will watch the Soccer Championship in Brazil! LANXESS offers products that are used in the sports and construction industry - for example for stadiums.

Discover our products for the sports industry...

LANXESS cooperates with EconCore

Innovative material and technology solutions for lightweight construction

Polyamide honeycomb cores, and the sandwich composites in which they are incorporated, open up entirely new possibilities in lightweight construction, for instance of high load-bearing structural automotive parts. This applies in particular to composites with Tepex facings.

Read more about the new possibilities

What makes sugar white?

Sugar undergoes a series of processes before reaching us in its universally popular white granulated form

White sugar is one of the most popular sweeteners used everywhere today from baked goods to beverages. We explain what makes sugar white and what processes are behind that!

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Weighs nearly 50 percent less than steel counterpart

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites

Hybrid technology based on continuous fiber-reinforced polyamide composites dramatically reduces weight in lightweight construction. This is demonstrated by an infotainment mount developed for production vehicles by AUDI AG, LANXESS, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH and Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG Modellbau und Formenbau.

More about the infotainmant mount

New Webmagazine: From stream to stream

World Water Day takes place every year on March 22nd. The commemoration day introduced in 1993 by the United Nations should remind people of the importance of water for humanity. All countries are called upon to carry out specific measures on the topic of water on this day. The 2014 motto is “Water and Energy”. The chemical industry makes an important contribution to both.

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Financial Report 2013

LANXESS has published its annual figures 2013. Have a look at the online financial report for the details, released on March 20, 2014.

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Color for Life

Pigments for the cities of the future.

Our high-quality inorganic color pigments are used by customers worldwide in a range of applications, whether on roofs, walls and roads, in artificial grass, or in laminate floors and plastic products. Explore our pigments portfolio for the cities of the future.

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High-performance tires

LANXESS and Hankook Tire enter into strategic technical partnership

Technical alliance will focus on developing new synthetic rubber grades and technologies for high-performance tires / Further strengthening of ties between LANXESS and Hankook Tire following long-term supply agreement

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Efficient on the road on green tires

Read our latest WebMagazine

Drivers are annoyed with high oil and diesel costs for a long time. Yet it is not just private users that are suffering; the logistics sector is particularly affected. This is because, despite ever-increasing fuel costs, fleet managers and operators must ensure that their vehicles are economical on the road.

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Home of the Rioja

Bodega Antión, La Rioja, Spain - colored with Bayferrox Pigments

A bodega that bewitches the senses. In developing the concept for the Bodega Antión in Spain, internationally renowned architect Jesús Marino PASCUAL focused on creating much more than just a site for wine production.

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New stabilizer Baynox Extra for biodiesel

Product launch at “Fuels of the Future” trade conference

The easy-to-meter additive effectively prolongs the shelf life of biodiesel, even when it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

More about Baynox Extra.

The future of mobility is green!

What does chemistry have to do with future mobility?

Watch the image clip explaining what LANXESS as a specialty chemicals company has to do with "Green Mobility"...

Watch video clip

Learning by doing!

Education initiative: How students see the future of mobility

LANXESS asked students to explore the future world of "Green Mobility". With amazing results.

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Inorganic Pigments

Ningbo, China

Megatrend Agro

Seed Coloring

Lightweight Materials

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High-Tech Plastics

Gastonia, USA


Topic: Leather


The new Butyl

Interim Report

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Bayferrox Pigments

Site Report

Geleen, NL


in Brazil


Ball on a roll

Rhein Chemie

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Rhein Chemie

125th Anniversary

ASM 2014

Video Clip

ASM 2014

Picture Gallery

Fuel Saving App

Green Tires


Matthias Zachert

Leather Finishing


Video Clip


Saltidin against

Malaria Infection



World Cup

Coming up!

LANXESS cooperates

with EconCore

How to make...

...sugar white


Infotainment Mount


Topic: Water


Financial Report


Color for Life

Hankook Tire

Technical Partnership


Truck Tire Test


Bayferrox Pigments

New Product

Baynox Extra


Green Mobility


Learning by doing

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