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Learn about LANXESS in Brazil

Brazil is the second most important market in the Americas after the US.It is the most important market in Latin America in terms of sales.

In Brazil LANXESS is represented with all its 14 business units. It employs about 1,100 people in the cities of São Paulo, Porto Feliz, São Leopoldo, Duque de Caxias, Triunfo and Cabo de Santo Agostinho. In São Paulo, LANXESS has its country head office. In Porto Feliz, the company has an inorganic pigments plant  and will soon house the two new production units. The first one will produce high-tech engineering plastics Durethan and Pocan – used primarily by the automotive industry to make cars lighter and more fuel efficient. The other plant will produce the rubber additives Rhenogran as well as Rhenoshape curing bladders. In São Leopoldo the company’s leather chemicals laboratory is based which also functions as a distribution centre for the country. Triunfo, Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Duque de Caxias are production sites of LANXESS Elastômeros do Brasil S.A. (LEB). Also in Triunfo, the company holds its EPDM rubber production unit. 

Which LANXESS business units (production/sales offices) operate in Brazil?

In Brazil all of our 14 business units are represented. We are the market leader for iron oxides and known to end users above all for our Pó Xadrez brand. A further focus is the Leather business unit. Here we are the market leader in chrome tanning agents. LANXESS is also the biggest supplier of synthetic rubber in Latin America supplying major tire makers in the region with our high performance rubber.

Who are the most important customers?

Our customers in Brazil are among the biggest players in the tire, plastics modification, leather, automotive, footwear, furniture, agribusiness and construction industries.

What are LANXESS most important brands and products in Brazil?

BUNA is the traditional brand name of LANXESS’ rubber products, under which products are commercialized in all of the regions in the world. With the acquisition of DSM Elastomers, Keltan®, an EPDM rubber produced in Triunfo site used in automotive parts, civil construction material, insulation for wires and electrical cables also became an important product. Bayferrox and Pó Xadrez are very well known in the market, besides some leather chemicals. Other important brands for LANXESS in Brazil are Baynox, Levanyl and Velcorin.

What role does Brazil play for LANXESS?

Brazil, as part of the BRICS, is one of the countries where we have seen some  f the highest growth rates. The country responds for round about 10% of our global sales. As a result of the acquisition of Petroflex LANXESS has today the biggest plant for the production of synthetic rubber in Latin America. Our five production units in Brazil supply not only the increasing local demand but also other relevant markets abroad. So Brazil is a key country for LANXESS.

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