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Butyl Rubber (BTR)

The Impermeable Rubber

The Butyl Rubber business unit (BTR) produces high-quality butyl and halobutyl rubbers for the tire and rubber industry. The big advantage: high impermeability to gases and liquids. This property is particularly useful for tire inner liners and inner tubes and other interesting niche markets such as pharmaceutical closures and protective clothing.

The most important brands & products

  • Regular X_Butyl™
  • Halogenated X_Butyl™
  • Chlorinated X_Butyl™
  • Brominated X_Butyl™

Industries and areas of application

  • Tire Inner Liners
  • Tire Inner Tubes
  • Pharmaceutical Closures
  • Chewing Gum
  • Protective Clothing

If you want to find out more about butyl rubber, visit the global website of business unit Butyl Rubber.

To the website of Butyl Rubber


Regular Butyl


LANXESS Chlorobutyl








June 06, 2014

LANXESS: High-tech products for sports

Soccer event 2014 - LANXESS is always a part of top-level competitive sports.

May 12, 2014

More than just a product

Launch of the new LANXESS X_Butyl brand family / New standardized nomenclature / All-round service for customers / Go-live of the new X_Butyl website with extensive info packages and services

April 25, 2014

LANXESS: Strike at butyl rubber plant in Belgium ends

LANXESS is in the process of restarting its world-scale butyl rubber plant in Zwijndrecht, Belgium, after union-represented production employees agreed to accept the terms of a new two-year collective labor agreement and subsequently ended their strike.



Supplying Butyl Rubber Globally for Growing...

Supplying Butyl Rubber Globally for Growing Industries

Butyl Brochure [PDF, 851KB]

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