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Products & Applications

Here you can find our products and brands for high performance „Green Tires“ and non-Tire applications.

Tire & Specialty Rubbers

Versatile performance specialist

The business unit Tire & Specialty Rubbers (TSR) is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality synthetic rubbers.  With a truly global production footprint, TSR has the scale needed to tackle supply driven challenges throughout the entire supply chain.  With comprehensive rubber know-how, research & development and application technology under one roof, we offer a broad portfolio of versatile butyl- and polybutadiene rubbers that are predominantly used in the production of tires.  While the butyl rubber products such as X_Butyl halogenated Butyl Rubber (halobutyl) are used for the air-tight layer of the tire, the inner liner, solution styrene-butadiene rubber (S-SBR), Buna™ VSL and neodymium-polybutadiene rubbers (Nd-BR), Buna™ CB are used in treads, side walls and other elements of tires. Also in the portfolio: the ‘general purpose rubber’ E-SBR (emulsion-styrol butadiene rubber), Buna™ SE.

Intensive cooperation with customers

As the inventor of synthetic rubber, we are still at the forefront of innovation and production.  With research and development centers around the world, we are working closely with our customers to develop products, processes and solutions that meet their continually changing needs.  This, coupled with our excellent reputation and our reliable deliveries, provides a solid basis for growing our strategic cooperations and our long- term personal contacts, while striving to establish excellent client relationships.

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