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Overcoming demographic challenges

The regions of key economic importance for LANXESS – Europe (especially Germany) and China – are particularly affected by the problem of aging demographics. As a result, the competition for qualified young talents is intensifying. This is particularly true in the case of scientific and technical career paths, where declining applicant numbers mean we now have to invest considerably more effort to fill positions with suitable staff. In order to address these challenges, we have developed a comprehensive demographic program called “Xcare”.


This program, which applies to our German companies, aims to find answers to the challenges posed by a steady rise in the average age of our workforce, coupled with a shortage of skilled young people. The measures brought together within the “Xcare” program encompass five areas of activity:


  • People and health
  • Work and training
  • Time and organization
  • Career and family life
  • Savings and retirement provision
LANXESS Structure by Employment Type, Gender and Region

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