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Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

A high level of energy efficiency is a prerequisite on the pathway to reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement. Wherever we operate, we continuously work on energy efficiency solutions – and have found that building networks is a very effective way to do so. An Energy Efficiency Network consists of 8 to 15 companies and jointly identifies opportunities to increase energy efficiency at each company. Based on this analysis, each company and the network as a whole sets efficiency targets. the duration of its work. In Germany alone, these networks are expected to help save 75 petajoules of primary energy and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 5 million metric tons.


Solar thermal power plants operators rely on the so-called parabolic trough system - and in many places they value the thermostable and durable Diphyl heat transfer medium from LANXESS. In the power plant "Arenales" in Andalusia, for example, the sun's rays are bundled by parabolic mirrors onto an absorber tube in which about 2,200 tons of diphyl circulate. The heated medium is used to generate steam via a heat exchanger, which then generates environmentally friendly electricity for around 50,000 Spanish households via a steam turbine.


Examples how LANXESS supports SDG 7:

Systematic energy management

Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative – network@chempark

Eluse steam network

Diphyl for solar thermal power plants



  • Energy efficiency - 25% increase in energy efficiency in relation to volume sold by the end of 2025 (Base year: 2015)