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Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

LANXESS’ activities create value, growth and employment in an industry which is the “enabler” of many solutions that pose an added value to society. At the same time, in the chemical industry, taking responsibility for decent  working conditions in its own operations as well as in the supply chain is important more than ever before. LANXESS expresses this commitment through various partnerships and memberships. LANXESS, for example, is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest initiative for responsible corporate governance, and is also committed to the International Labor Organization's labor standards.


In addition, the Group is committed to ensuring that human rights are respected at all times in all its markets. LANXESS also attaches the highest priority to the health and safety of its employees, which is demonstrated by the constantly declining million working hours ratio*.


*Number of accidents per 1 million working hours from the first day of absence in relation to all employees at all locations


Examples how LANXESS supports SDG 8:

Societal Added Value

Addressing global developments in partnership

Together for Sustainability

Xact: Global initiative for greater safety



  • Occupational safety: Continuous decrease in the frequency rate per million hours worked by > 50 % (reference frequency rate of 2.0 in 2016) by the end of 2025