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HSEQ Management

Initiating and monitoring global implementation

The HSEQ Committee, comprising LANXESS’s senior executives under the direction of Board of Management member Dr. Rainier van Roessel, is tasked with ensuring worldwide compliance with uniformly high quality management, safety, environmental and climate protection standards. The committee is responsible for initiating and monitoring the global implementation of all necessary HSEQ guidelines, strategies and programs, as well as for defining our HSEQ objectives and monitoring their achievement. It also defines the global strategy for our integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Policy guidelines for global quality, safety, climate protection and environmental management

At LANXESS, we view personal integrity and mutual respect as basic principles of our corporate culture.  We act according to the principles of Responsible Care® and sustainable development to safeguard employees, customers, stockholders, society and the environment.  In doing so, we ensure compliance with globally accepted social and ethical standards and values.  The resultant policy guidelines are in keeping with our corporate strategy and our commitment to corporate responsibility.

  • We are committed to optimizing the quality and safety of our products, services and operations, taking into account the interests of employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners, stockholders, the local community and society as a whole.
  • Throughout the world, we apply a process-oriented, integrated management system that complies with the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards on quality and environmental management to efficiently achieve our clearly defined goals, continuously enhance our performance and further develop our company both successfully and sustainably.
  • We see our employees as a source of added value and creativity at our company and encourage their awareness of the need to bring about improvement and their commitment to achieving this.
  • Occupational health and safety take top priority to ensure the protection of our employees.  We encourage and insist on compliance with health and safety and environmental directives at our sites worldwide. We use communication to strengthen our employees’ sense of responsibility for health and safety and the environment and encourage them to participate in training to make further progress in these areas.
  • We consider it important to maximize safety in the operation of our facilities.  We apply globally harmonized standards for process and plant safety, and regularly check compliance and effectiveness.
  • We interpret product stewardship as our responsibility to continuously improve product safety for both man and the environment.  Across the globe, we monitor the health-related and ecological implications of raw materials and products.  We help our customers handle our products in a safe and environmentally responsible way and draw their attention to the risks associated with their use.  We also require our suppliers and service providers to demonstrate a similar sense of responsibility.
  • We are committed to protecting the climate.  Our aim is to minimize harmful emissions and avoid them wherever possible.  In doing so, we take into account the entire value added chain – from the use of raw materials, the generation and consumption of energy, and our plant and synthesis processes, to the products, their transport and delivery, and the recycling or disposal of products and raw materials.
  • We are committed to responsible and extensive protection of the environment and we are continuously improving our environmental performance.  We carry out research into and develop environmentally friendly products and processes to prevent potential environmental impact.  We publish reports on our progress in this regard.
  • We aim to act as an expert partner for our customers, taking into account our management guidelines. We endeavor to identify our customers’ expectations at an early stage, respond rapidly to their needs and thus maintain and enhance customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  • We view our suppliers and service providers as partners whose expertise and reliability are just as important in the supplier selection process as compliance with our corporate principles.
  • We create trust in our corporate activities through open and respectful communication with our customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and creditors, the authorities and the public.