System solutions for the leather industry
Leather is a natural material – durable and highly resilient. And yet leather – like a chameleon – has to adapt to short-lived fashion trends, fields of application, and performance. A lofty requirement for manufacturers and suppliers. The Leather business unit offers innovative chemicals and system solutions for this purpose. In the development of new products and processes, great importance is attached to sustainability. With its portfolio, this business area is certified as the industry leader in ensuring compliance with standards and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals. Leather producers can thus produce any desired color, shape, or structure with a comprehensive product portfolio while at the same time being able to rely on product safety and sustainability. If required, the business unit also assists the customer directly on-site with competent technical application support in order to achieve the best solutions together with the customer.

System solutions for synthetic materials

LANXESS also offers customized functional coatings under the Pellart brand as an integrated solution for various flexible substrates such as plastic films or industrial textiles such as microfibers. As a result, these substrates can be given all manner of surface characteristics.

Key brands and products

With its products, LANXESS is an integral part of all stages of leather production. From tanning and retanning chemicals to solvent-free products for finishing and special processes for demanding niche applications.

LANXESS offers functional coating systems for various synthetic substrates, such as thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), PVC and polyurethane synthetics.

  • Tanning auxiliaries: Peltec®, X-Zyme®, Preventol®, Baykanol®
  • Mineral tanning and retanning agents: Blancorol®
  • Synthetic/organinc tanning and retanning agents: Tanigan®, Retingan®, Levotan®, Levotan X-Biomer®, X-Lite®, X-Tan®, Leukotan™*, Lubritan™*
  • Fat-liquoring agent: Baykanol®
  • Colorants: Aquaderm®, Bayderm®, Baygenal®, Levaderm®
  • PU dispersions: Aquaderm®, Bayderm®, Hydrholac™*, Opti-Matt™*
  • Primal™*
  • Finishing aids: Aquaderm®, Baysin®, Euderm®, Eukanol®, X-Shield®
  • Acrysol™* , Hydrholac™*, Rosilk™* , Lösemittelhaltige Schlussappreturen: Isoderm®, Eusin®
  • Special processes: Aquacast®, Baygen®, Levacast®
  • Functional coating systems: Pellart®

*Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries




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