Engineering Materials

Engineering plastics and polyurethanes for the highest demands

The Engineering Materials segment, which includes the

  • High Performance Materials and
  • Urethane Systems business units,

enables LANXESS to offer a wide range of engineering plastics and polyurethane systems to customers around the world.

High Performance Materials

The High Performance Materials business unit manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of engineering plastics compounds for key industries, such as the automotive, electrical and electronics sectors, making products safer and more efficient. The business area is supported by global production and an R&D network.

Urethane Systems

Rolls of inline skates

The Urethane Systems business unit is a leading manufacturer of hot-cast prepolymers, special aqueous urethane dispersions and polyester polyols. These are components for polyurethanes used primarily in the construction, mining, oil/gas, sports and electronics industries.

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