Legs of female runner in motion on a trail in the nature.

Outdoors for sports

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when so many of us are restricted in our movements, it is even more important than ever for people to be as active as possible: whether young or old, now is the time to rediscover physical activity and exercise in the fresh air: walking, running, cycling, and inline skating in the spring sunshine – according to the local rules – can provide us with a sense of routine and help to lift our spirits. Materials from LANXESS are used in numerous sports and leisure products to make shoes lighter, helmets more durable and inline skate wheels more robust.

Exercise in the fresh air is key to strenghtening your immune system

Active leisure time at home instead of travelling and sightseeing: This is a chance to practice a healthy lifestyle every day. If you spend half an hour outside three times a week, you are doing exactly the right thing to strengthen your immune system. Because:

  • Regular physical activity promotes stable circulation. In this way, the helper cells of the immune system can reach the parts of the body where they are more quickly. The improved blood circulation in the mucous membranes and more protective antibodies on the mucous membranes also has a positive effect.
  • Daylight builds up the vitamin D balance. The so-called sun hormone stimulates the immune system. Unlike other vitamins, the human body produces vitamin D by itself, with the help of UV radiation. This is why the brighter seasons are ideal for replenishing light which triggers vitamin D synthesis. Get into the habit of outdoor activities now to stay on the ball in winter. If the days get shorter again, your body can mobilize its own reserves of vitamin D if your daily intake falters temporarily.
  • Stay hydrated: staying adequately hydrated during sports can help to reduce muscle fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. Do not let your throat and mucous membranes dry out. Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Exercise should be fun: pushing yourself beyond your physical limits can result in pain and injury. Know your limit – overexertion can weaken the immune system. Therefore: be active moderately, regularly, safely and with pleasure!
Cyclist riding a bicycle

You should be able to rely on your sports equipment


To prevent malfunctions and sports injuries, active people need the most reliable equipment. It should be safe, light weight, comfortable, and support good sports performance.

  • In cycling, for example, this means that the materials used should make the bicycle strong and stable while keeping weight as low as possible. Especially for mountain bikers and racing cyclists, these are decisive criteria. This is especially important for recreational cyclists who occasionally carry their bikes over steps and bridges, when light weight construction is critical. Plastic composite materials from LANXESS’ Tepex® brand are based on formulations made of glass or carbon fibers. Tepex® is used in a large number of high-quality bicycle components from well-known manufacturers. The material can be used in calipers and gearshift or brake components. They are also used in the manufacture of bicycle shoes and bicycle helmets. The lighter the bicycle helmets, the more likely people are to use them. This means they will be better protected against the impact of a collision.
  • Durable inline skates allow smooth riding and cut down on frequent roller changes. Almost all wheels are made of polyurethane. LANXESS produces this under the brand names Adiprene® and Vibrathane®. These materials offer skaters particularly high ride comfort and good grip. The rollers are abrasion-resistant, have low rolling resistance and are ideally suited to withstand loads such as jumping, braking and rapid changes of direction.
  • For runners, good shoes can act as an auxiliary motor. A fibre composite in the outsole provides excellent energy return with low thickness. Depending on the material variant of the versatile composite material Tepex®, shoes weighing less than 200 grams are possible, which also provide good support and maximum flexibility.
  • Anyone who thinks aerodynamic forces only have to do with physics, knows: how far a golf ball travels and how straight an arrow flies depends largely on chemistry. Because, the right balance of controllability and hardness that a golf ball needs is created by a smart mix of special plastics. And to ensure that an archer’s bow does not twist under changing loads and thus irritate the arrow, it needs a highly rigid, weather-resistant elastomer like Pocan®. Even if you can currently only practice in your backyard or garden: good marksmanship should not fail because of the material.

Leisure fun without nuisances

Mom and son use mosquito spray.Spraying insect repellent on skin outdoor.
Repellents containing Saltidin® is protects against mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks.
Mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks can make a day in the country or a park very cloudy. Saltidin® from LANXESS has been a proven active ingredient in insect repellents for decades. It influences the insects’ odor receptors so that they do not recognize humans as a source of blood. 

Products containing Saltidin® provide long-lasting protection against insect and tick bites and the diseases they transmit, such as borreliosis or TBE.

Insect repellents with Saltidin® are available as pump spray, aerosol, gel, cream, lotion or wet wipes in supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies. Wrap up your indoor activities and go outside. But, be sure to observe the current COVID-19 coronavirus recommendations for your area while practicing social distancing and infection protection guidelines.

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Legs of female runner in motion on a trail in the nature.

Outdoors for sports

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