Red pigments for mulch coloration 

The use of colored wood mulch has increased over the last  years, as the rich color offers an attractive look for landscaping. LANXESS is introducing a specific range of red Bayferrox® pigments with decisive benefits for the mulch industry.
Mulch coloration with red iron oxide pigments©LuckyRiga -

Red Mulch is most prominant and mainly adjusted with iron oxides. To color the mulch based wood chips, concentrated water based pastes are used, which usually contain the pigment, water and various additives. The new red iron oxide pigments of the Bayferrox® 500 series provide long-term stability regarding their viscosity and settling behavior. Due to their particularly good wetting properties, slurries with a high pigment content can be achieved. As a result, the wood chips retain their color for a very long time. What’s more, the Bayferrox®grades show the potential to optimize slurry formulations leading to a reduced additive demand, making them more cost-effective.  

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