Denture cleansers

An effective non-chlorine bleach additive in denture cleanser compositions 

Denture cleansers, commonly available in tablet or granular form, are formulated with strong oxidizing agents to remove stubborn stains caused by food, drink and tobacco.

Oxone™ monopersulfate compound is an extremely effective non-chlorine oxidizer that has long been a key stain-removal ingredient in denture cleanser compositions.

Why a non-chlorine oxidizer?

Chlorine is a strong oxidizer but discolors and weakens denture materials, and leaves an unpleasant residual odor and taste even after proper rinsing. A non-chlorine oxidizer provides useful oxidation without these harmful and unpleasant side effects.

Why Oxone™?

  • A stable dry product that is easily formulated into granular and tableted denture cleanser compositions
  • Strong oxidizing properties (E0 = 1.85 V)
  • Excellent water solubility, rinses cleanly, odorless
  • Works faster which means shorter soak time than alternative peroxygen bleaches (e.g., perborates, percarbonates)
  • More effective on a wider variety of tough stains
  • Excellent compatibility with denture materials of construction
  • Oxidation byproducts are generally regarded as safe (GRAS)
  • Very good shelf stability
Effervescent tablet in water with bubblesManuel Schäfer -
Denture cleanser formulations containing at least 25% Oxone™ provide excellent decolorization of food and other organic stains.
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