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Microetchant for the electronics industry

Oxone™ monopersulfate compound is a free flowing powder chemical microetchant used for copper cleaning and surface preparation in printed wiring board fabrication. The Oxone™ product contains acidic potassium monopersulfate (KMPS) as its active ingredient. KMPS provides more efficient oxidation of copper due to its unique chemical structure. This chemistry gives better etched copper surface morphology with uniform distribution of well-defined grain structure compared to not-in- kind competitive products, such as hydrogen peroxide/sulfuric acid (peroxide) and sodium persulfate (SPS).

Optimized grain structure produced by Oxone™ chemistry gives better adhesion for metal plating, dry film, final finishes and IC packaging. Oxone™ chemistry provides the predictable and stable etch rates needed to improve process control values, as required for multi-step processing of thin foils, HDI, and SAP processes. Oxone™ monopersulfate compound also provides the high copper solubility and the ease of use needed in today’s fast paced PCB fabrication environment.

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