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Oxone™ monopersulfate compund - processing aid for wet-strength resin broke repulping

Oxone™ monopersulfate compound can be used as a processing aid in repulping internal broke or a secondary fiber furnish. Paper products containing polyamide epichlorohydrin (PAE) wet strength resins can be effectively repulped to make same grade paper. Oxone™ product efficacy has been demonstrated on a variety of sanitary, food, packaging, and specialty papers containing wet strength resin and made from different furnishes, such as bleach kraft, sulfite, chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), recycled paper, and unbleached kraft.

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Oxone™ monopersulfate compund - Repulping aid for wet-strength paper

Historically, chlorine-based chemistries like sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) have been used as oxidative repulping aids for removal of wet-strength resins. However, chlorinebased chemistries negatively impact repulping operations, fiber quality, and pose environmental concerns. An independent study published in TAPPI Journal1 compared the repulping efficiency, fiber quality and strength properties of pulp treated with hypochlorite and Oxone™ repulping aids. Here we take a look at the key findings.


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*The use of Oxone™ monopersulfate compound is subject to the relevant national legislation. Up-to-date information on the registration of our products can be obtained from:

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