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A new generation of hydrolysis-stabilized PBT compounds

Developed for outstanding performance

 In many applications, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) needs to be particularly resistant to the degradation caused by hot water, water vapor, and other media. Recently, the requirements have become even stricter. Many OEMs are looking for PBT materials that have achieved the two highest ratings of Class 4 or Class 5 in the long-term test SAE/USCAR2-6 of the US Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

We have therefore complemented our hydrolysis-stabilized PBT compounds Pocan® HR (Hydrolysis Resistance) with the new Pocan® product range XHR (Extreme Hydrolysis Resistance). This third generation of Pocan® HR is characterized by an even higher hydrolysis and aging resistance when exposed to media typical for certain applications. It rates excellently in the SAE/USCAR test and shows the same excellent processing characteristics as the second generation of Pocan® HR. 

Next to that, Pocan® XHR offers similar features as Pocan® HR

  • A wide selection of products with diverse properties
  • Extensive freedom in designing and selecting the production process
  • Excellent processability in the injection molding process
  • Good weldability

In addition, Pocan® XHR offers excellent elongation behavior and good thermal shock resistance, which make many material variants ideal for encapsulation of metal parts. We naturally support our customers through all phases of component development – be that in material selection, component and mold engineering, component testing, or production. All of these services are part of our expertise and HiAnt® service package.

What are the main advantages of our new Pocan® XHR grades?

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Robust in humid environments

Excellent hydrolysis performance in challenging temperature and humidity conditions secure the functional reliability of electronic components - even in quickly changing climate conditions.
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Long-term usage in hot and dry surroundings

Our optimized new grades meet the ever-increasing operating temperatures of under the hood and power electronics applications with improved heat aging properties.
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Excellent processing behavior

In demanding hydrolysis environments, a smooth processing in terms of melt stability and flowability is crucial. The result is a perfect shape for thinwall and metal overmold applications.
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Outstanding mechanical properties

If it is about improved strain and toughness or stress crack performance, Pocan XHR shows excellent performances e.g. in parts with complex geometries or metal overmolding applications.
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Where to use Pocan® XHR grades?

The chemical resistance against various media in the interior, exterior and under-the-hood surroundings - like road salt - makes Pocan® XHR the material of choice for many applications.


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