Continuous Biosecurity

During its lifecycle, a shrimp will face continuous environmental and pathogenic challenges during the production process.

Pond water contains various levels of nutrients including, plankton, organic matter, feed and waste. Combine this with pond salinity factors, high humidity, bright sunlight and the surrounding environment, it can easily be determined that a pond has all the right ingredients to sustain disease-causing organisms that will affect shrimp health, growth and mortality.

It is therefore essential to provide the shrimp with the best chance of surviving the production cycle, and continuous biosecurity procedures, utilising Virkon™ Aquatic, have a very important role to play.


A program of procedures for shrimp pond water care should be put in place throughout the duration of the production cycle to help reduce instances of disease, including:

  • Organic load management
  • Feed & shrimp health control measures
  • Wildlife prevention
  • Continuous biosecurity disease prevention and control


Virkon™ Aquatic provides shrimp farmers with a convenient, multipurpose continuous biosecurity disinfection system all in one pack for:

  • Continuous water disinfection, during the grow-out stage
  • Footdips & vehicles
  • Movable equipment
  • Hard surfaces
  • Emergency disease control outbreaks

Virkon™ Aquatic has a broad spectrum of efficacy against the key disease-causing organisms including, White spot syndrome, Vibrio harveyi, Vibrio parahaemolyticus virus, and Taura syndrome virus.

Its modern chemical formulation enables Virkon™ Aquatic to be applied directly to the pond water at regular scheduled intervals, in the presence of both larvae and shrimp.

This ability to be continually applied helps to reduce the levels of disease-causing organisms within the pond water to manageable levels. This inhibits their ability to rapidly replicate and pose a serious disease threat.

From experience, the wide use of Virkon™ Aquatic in the industry, together with numerous studies, has shown that shrimp disease-causing organism counts can be controlled by adding Virkon™ Aquatic at 1.2 ppm to the pond at 7-day intervals right from the beginning, and throughout the remaining shrimp production cycle.


Disease Pathogen Dilution rate Organic Challenge Salinity Contact Time
Vibriosis Vibrio spp
2 ppm 20 mg/L 20 ppt 3 hours
Luminescent Disease/Vibriosis Vibrio harveyi
3 ppm 20 mg/L 20 ppt
24 hours
Early Mortality Syndrome/
Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis
Syndrome (EMS/AHPNS)
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
6 ppm 20 mg/L 20 ppt
24 hours
White Spot Syndrome WSSv
5 ppm

20 mg/L

20 ppt
24 hours
Taura Syndrome Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV)
0.6 ppm 20 mg/L 20 ppt
24 hours



Virkon™ Aquatic effectively kills shrimp disease-causing organisms, then rapidly degrades leaving no residue of concern. Other disinfectant technologies take longer to eliminate the pathogen challenge, and leave harmful chemicals in the water. The table clearly demonstrates the rapid degradation of Virkon™ Aquatic when compared to Calcium Hypochlorite (under test condition designed to simulate a shrimp pond environment), over a 7-day period from the initial introduction of the disinfectant to the shrimp pond water.

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