Biosolve HD


Excellent cleaning and degreasing properties with the ability to be applied through standard farm pressure washers or spraying systems and equipment.

Superior hard water performance.


Why clean?

For a disinfection program to work to its full potential it is necessary to comprehensively clean before disinfecting.


Washing with water alone reduces contamination by up-to 60%, but using a heavy-duty detergent decreases the original burden by 99%. For example, 2000 times more bacteria are left if you don’t use a suitable heavy-duty detergent. Therefore, thorough washing of all surfaces and equipment with an effective heavy-duty detergent is essential to achieve the best results from any subsequent disinfection procedure.


Powerful cleaning and degreasing formulation

Biosolve™ HD is a superior multipurpose, heavy-duty, cleaner and disinfectant, suitable for use on hard surfaces and equipment in hatcheries, and on the farm.



Biosolve™ HD can be used to clean a wide range of equipment and hard surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, concrete, feeders, drinkers, etc.


General Properties

  • Biosolve™ HD is an alkaline foaming antibacterial cleaning concentrate which offers:
  • Excellent cleaning and degreasing properties
  • The option to be used as a spray or foam
  • The ability to be applied through standard farm pressure washer or spraying systems and equipment
  • Superior hard water performance
  • Suitable for use on hatchery and farm building surfaces and equipment
  • pH (1% use dilution) typically 11.5



A synergistic blend of non-ionic detergents, QAC biocides, alkaline builders (sodium metasilicate) and sequestering agents to achieve optimum detergency and bactericidal properties.


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