Biosolve Plus


Premium cleaning and degreasing formulation, with high levels of alkalinity. Excellent foaming properties designed to be used on stubborn build-ups of caked-on organic matter within the food process, hatchery and farm environment.

Why clean?

For a disinfection program to work to its full potential it is necessary to comprehensively clean before disinfecting.

Washing with water alone reduces contamination by up-to 60%, but using a heavy-duty detergent decreases the original burden by 99%. For example, 2000 times more bacteria are left if you don’t use a suitable heavy-duty detergent. Therefore, thorough washing of all surfaces and equipment with an effective heavy-duty detergent is essential to achieve the best results from any subsequent disinfection procedure.

Engineered to Complement Modern Disinfectant Technologies

Biosolve™ heavy-duty detergents have been specifically engineered to ensure that its formulation does not interfere with any of LANXESS disinfectant’s subsequent activity following the washing stage. At a practical level there is no interference between any of our disinfecting products, and Biosolve™ PLUS is a detergent of choice before using Virkon™ S, Virkon™ LSP or Hyperox™.


A high alkaline blend of non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants in an aqueous solution incorporating a fully biodegradable sequestrant for superior hard water performance.

Powerful Alkaline Formulation

The powerful alkaline formulation of Biosolve™ PLUS multipurpose heavy-duty cleaner has been specifically developed to quickly remove caked-on faecal matter and heavy organic soiling, especially fats and greases, from the surfaces and equipment associated with:

  • Livestock housing
  • Farm buildings
  • Hatcheries
  • Processing plants

In line with LANXESS’ commitment to provide environmentally sustainable solutions, Biosolve™ PLUS has been formulated using actives which have been carefully selected for their environmental profile, such as biodegradability. The formulation complies with the biodegradability requirements laid down by the European regulation on detergents (648/2004/EC).  Clear instructions for use and disposal are provided.

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