In between applications of the terminal disinfection programme, the possibility of reintroducing infectious disease-causing organisms back into buildings is high.


Therefore, continuous biosecurity procedures must be put in place to help reduce the risk of exposing operatives to disease-causing organisms.




  • All vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected prior to arrival on site with only essential vehicles being allowed to enter. All other cars, staff, service vehicles etc. should be kept outside the site perimeter.
  • On entry to the site, all visitors must use boot dips and vehicle wheel disinfection baths filled with Virkon™ H at a dilution of 1:100. The disinfectant solution should be changed on a daily basis or when heavily soiled.
  • Where possible, visitors should be provided with “facility-only” boots and overalls and a shower-in policy should be in place, along with hand-washing facilities.
  • Provide hand washing/sanitizing facilities at the entrance of each building. Use either an antibacterial hand soap or instant hand sanitiser.


  • Keep paths and areas around houses and buildings clear of organic matter and debris, as these are a potential potent source of infection which could be transferred from one building to another on the footwear of personnel.
  • Spray these outside areas regularly with Virkon™ H at a dilution of 1:100 (1%), at a rate of 300 mls per m2.
  • Rodent control - rats and mice may be responsible for assisting the spread of pathogens responsible for diseases such as salmonella and E.coli. An IPM (Integrated Pest Management) five-step program provides effective routine control through; Inspection, Identification, Sanitation and Cleaning, Rodent Proofing and then Baiting, using proven effective rodenticide products.
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