Application Methods

Virkon™ H2O is intended to be applied to poultry drinking water during periods when there is a greater risk of pathogen challenge, and to assist in the reduction of biofilm build up, as described in the following table:



Facility Challenge period - examples Application period
Broiler Farms During antibiotic withdrawal period For up to 5 days at the end of the flock cycle
Broiler start up Day 1 to day 10
Stress periods, e.g. after veterinary application (vaccination, medical or micronutrient); during flock thinning 24 hours after veterinary application, for 2 days. The day prior to flock thinning and two days thereafter
Disease outbreak (e.g. E. coli) For up to 5 days
Layer and breeder farms      During stress periods Week 25 and week 40, for 3 days



Virkon™ H2O is effective against bacteria* in the range of 1.25 g/litre (1:800) to 0.67 g/litre (1:1500). The dilution rate should be selected based on the water pH recorded at the drinker point after initial dosing of Virkon™ H2O. The target pH range when using Virkon™ H2O is between pH 5.0 and pH 6.5. Simple experimentation may therefore be required in order to determine the necessary dilution for your water conditions.


It is advised to start with a dilution of 1 g/litre (1:1000) and in cases where acidity is too high (e.g. pH <5.0), the concentration of Virkon™ H2O can be lowered to 0.67 g/litre (1:1500). Where acidity is too low (e.g. pH >6.5), the concentration of Virkon™ H2O can be increased up to 1.25 g/litre (1:800).


*In accordance with testing conducted according to European Standard EN 1276 (modified as per efficacy guidance for biocides intended for use in animal drinking water), in high soil conditions (15 mg/L Dissolved Organic Carbon).




Virkon™ H2O can be applied to closed drinking water systems as a measured application to the reservoir/header tank, or via suitable dosing equipment attached directly to the incoming water supply, on a continuous basis over a the prescribed number of days.



It is advised to apply Virkon™ H2O via a dosing system set to an application rate of either 1% or 2%. In order to achieve the required dilution in the waterline, a concentrated stock solution of Virkon™ H2O must be prepared.


To prepare the stock solution, follow the steps shown below:


Terminal disinfection for the end of the production cycle

Any pathogen challenge from one production cycle can offer a risk to the following production cycle. To reduce this risk the water lines must be cleaned, cleared of biofilm and disinfected, including the evacuation of any water held in the drinking points/nipples. Virkon™ H2O has been proven to remove biofilm in a 4-hour period when applied at a concentration of 1% (1:100).


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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