Virkon™ H2O Swine

A sow’s milk is high in essential nutrients and antibodies. This ensures the wellbeing of the piglet’s immune system and robust gastro-intestine development, which reduces issues of diarrhoea.


During the separation period, where weaning takes place, the piglets are at their most vulnerable from infection.


Weaning is a stressful experience for young piglets, affecting them both socially and physiologically, which can result in severe growth checks and even deaths. Therefore, the importance of a clean, pathogen-free water supply for young pigs cannot be underestimated.


Virkon™ H2O is the ideal multifunctional disinfectant choice for enhancing swine drinking water quality and optimising grower herd performance.

Virkon™ H2O helps protect against the risk of infection and reduces the risk of cross-contamination during the stress of the weaning period, ensuring the highest levels of biosecurity are maintained during management processes that inevitably cause stress.


In line with the Virkon™ product philosophy “the science to kill pathogens,” the unique and powerful oxidising formulation of Virkon™ H2O has been specifically engineered to be used as part of a swine production drinking water quality management process, to help:


Disinfect and acidify the waterline

Reduce bacterial pathogen pressure during stress periods and disease outbreaks

Prevent build-up and remove biofilms

Inactivate antibiotic residues in the drinking waterline

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