Maskomal™ Agricultural Deodorant

Maskomal™ is a highly effective and concentrated agricultural and industrial deodorant that is non-corrosive and easy to prepare and use.

Most offensive odours are created by anaerobic sources (oxygen-free), decay of wet organic matter such as manure, feed, or silage. Warm temperatures enhance anaerobic decay and foul odour production.

Maskomal product image: Maskomal™ is a highly effective and concentrated agricultural and industrial deodorant that is non-corrosive and easy to prepare and use

Wet manure in a warm poultry shed or swine farrowing house, spilled feed moistened by rain on a warm day, liquid manure storages during the warm months, and manure caked on a warm animal are just a few potential sources of offensive odours.


Odours can be carried through the air as gas, absorbed and transported by dust particles or physically spread via mobile equipment and vehicles, and can tend to linger in an area on humid, windless days.


Frequency, intensity, duration, and offensiveness are the main factors affecting the acceptability of farm and industrial generated odours.  And, any combination of frequent, intense, long-lasting, or offensive odours will undoubtedly be unacceptable to outlying communities.


Using Maskomal™  agricultural and industrial deodorant can help to reduce and eliminate offensive odours.


Maskomal™ can be used in a wide range of applications including farms, slurry lagoons, and sewage treatment plants through to public toilet blocks, factories and processing plants, and provides an economic and practical solution to the problem of odour offence to both the public and employees, not least as urbanisation places homes closer to farms.


Application Dilution Rate
Slurry and other liquid wastes and effluents 100ml of Maskomal™ to 2500 litres of liquid waste
Surfaces (i.e. livestock housing/vehicles/slaughter houses/ abattoirs/kennels etc.) Use Maskomal™ at a rate of 100ml in 10 litres of rinse water
Waste water/sewage 1 litre of Maskomal™ in 60,000 litres of waste water when plant is at maintenance


Use Maskomal™ at a dilution of 1:100 - 1:1000 (100mls – 10mls per 10 litres of water) depending on the severity of the odour. Spray into the atmosphere at the source of the odour.



Spray a fine mist of Maskomal™ at a 1:100 rate directly into the atmosphere during the integration of different litters or groups of piglets and pigs.


This will help to mask the odours that distinguish pigs from different groups, and can help prevent occurrences of fighting.



Store in original container out of direct sunlight, away from other products. Do not mix Maskomal™ with other chemical products.



A yellow emulsion complex of perfume compounds, emulsifiers, odour absorbers and deodorant oils.

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