Disinfection Applications

Easily applied using a mop, cloth, sponge or spray, Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL is ideal for the disinfection of veterinary hard surfaces and equipment, including floors, walls and consulting tables, non-medical equipment, cages, feed and water bowls, leads and toys.

Disinfection Task Dilution rate Application
Hard surface disinfection 1:100 10 grams of Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL powder to every litre of water or One 5g Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL tablet to every 500ml of water Apply disinfectant solution using a floor mop, cloth, sponge or via a spray applicator (e.g. trigger bottle or knapsack sprayer). Recommended contact time 10 minutes.
Equipment & utensil disinfection Equipment & utensils can either be submerged and washed in disinfectant solution or sprayed and then wiped clean with a cloth or sponge. Rinse disinfected equipment & utensils with clean water after 10 minutes when materials compatibility is of concern.

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