April 21, Wednesday | 14:30 - 15:30 (CEST)

eMobility Lubricants: a future outlook

Business Unit: Lubricant Additives Business
LANXESS is committed to the long term growth of the global lubricants industry as a trusted, specialized component provider for Automotive applications. As the Automotive industry heads into its biggest transformation yet, e-mobility, we explore the trends influencing adoption of Hybrid and full battery electric vehicles, plus the impact on automotive lubricants.

Designing lubricants for e-mobility applications, such as wet e-motor drivelines or battery thermal fluids, bring their own set of challenges, including developing the right testing capability to understand performance attributes. LANXESS is investing strongly in research, testing and development for e-mobility lubricants to ensure we continue to provide specialised solutions for the Automotive industry.


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