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Easy-flow and high-modulus grades for your challenges

Our engineering plastics are designed to support customers in achieving maximum component performance and efficient processing. To meet these objectives, we established our Durethan® and Pocan® EF and XF product lines, a broad range of easy-flow polyamide 6 and 66 grades, and poly-butylene terephthalates (PBT).

“EF” stands for “EasyFlow,” “XF” for “XtremeFlow.” In addition, based on our standard easy-flow grades, we have developed so called “high-modulus thermoplastics” with glass fiber contents of 50% and more. These products display unusually high stiffness and strength and, despite their high filler content, can still be processed as easily and efficiently as comparable standard materials. They offer designers entirely new options.

Red Pocan granules made by LANXESS

Advantages include:

  • Lower melt temperature and thereby reduced cooling and cycle times
  • A significantly lower injection pressure that protects the mold and enables smaller injection molding machines to be used
  • Reduced tendency to warp
  • Ability to achieve thin-walled moldings for lightweight design with good surfaces at higher filler contents
  • Fewer gating points enable simplified mold design
LANXESS Easy flow / Xtreme flow brochure

Pocan® T3150XF
One outstanding example for a high-modulus Pocan grade is the Pocan® T3150XF. A very strong and weather resistant PBT grade, reinforced with 55% chopped glass strands, this (PBT+PET) blend is formulated for easy-flow characteristics. With an elasticity modulus of 18,500 MPa, it displays a very high stiffness. Its strength is somewhat higher than that of Durethan® BKV60H2.0EF DUS060 (60% glass fiber reinforcement) in a conditioned state. This low-warp, high-tech thermoplastic therefore is ideal for replacing metal. Its unique feature is its good weather resistance despite the high glass fiber content. As is typical for PBT, these high-performance materials absorb virtually no water. Their mechanical properties therefore are constant regardless of moisture. In addition, another strength of these materials is their high dimensional stability.

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