PA66 replacement - Let us change it

Let's change it!


Lower component costs, no adjustments to the mold, and secured raw material supply.

The initial situation:
Glass fiber-reinforced PA 66 was originally used for the production of an automotive manufacturer's gearshift box. Due to the continuing price increase for this material, the OEM's supplier turned to LANXESS HPM with this task: to develop a better, more cost-effective alternative.

Our solution:
After testing with regard to the required mechanical properties, the development team decided on a Durethan BKV35H2.0 (PA 6 with 35% glass fibers). By increasing the glass fiber content, all the required mechanical properties as well as the dimensional requirements were achieved - and even without having to make any changes to the existing mold. The switch box produced in this way was sent to the car manufacturer for evaluation.

The success:
The new switch box passed all necessary tests and was released for production. The supplier has thus achieved a significant optimization in component costs without any loss of functionality - and with PA 6 as the input material, the reliable supply of raw materials is also assured.

PA66 Replacement Solutions

Tim Albert

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