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We proudly present: the LANXESS arena!

Name-giving sponsorship as a commitment to the region

With roots in Leverkusen and Greater Cologne, LANXESS is Germany’s largest stockmarket-listed specialty chemicals group. Around ten percent of LANXESS’s employees in Germany live with their families in Cologne. For them and the 7,000 other LANXESS employees living in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), visits to the arena are a permanent fixture in their leisure activities.

LANXESS was looking for a landmark in NRW to demonstrate its faith in the region and in Germany as a whole. In the LANXESS arena, which is well known in Cologne and throughout North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany in general, the company has found such a landmark. Through this commitment, LANXESS is giving a definite “thumbs-up” to NRW.

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