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Trade Fair Calendar 2017

Trade Fair
Business Unit
31. May-01. June Chemspec Europe Munich, Germany SGO
06.-07. June Cleveland Sink or Swim Cleveland, USA MPP
07.-08. June Aquatech China 2017 Shanghai, China LPT
10.-13. June NLGI Olympic Valley, USA ADD
20.-23. June ANAFAPYT Mexico City, Mexico IPG
23.-26. June Construmat Barcelona, Spain IPG
02.-07. July DKT Nuremberg, Germany AII/AXX
02.-05. July Drinctec/Simei Munich, Germany MPP
21.-25. August U 2017 Global Uranium Symposium Casper, Wyoming, USA LPT
30. August -1. September All China Leather Exhibition Shanghai, China LEA
30.August - 01. September PU China Guangzhou/China URE
06.-08. September Chemicals America Charleston, USA SGO
11-13. September Uranium 2017 Int. Conference Swakopmund, South Africa LPT
11.-16. September Drinktec Munich, Germany MPP
13.-15. September Taiwan Int. Water Show Aqua Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taiwan LPT
14.-15. September Coatings Trends and Technology Chicago, IL, USA IPG
17.-19. September RETEC Milwaukee, WI, USA IPG
20.-22. September Rubber Tech Shanghai, China RCH
21.-23. September Inter Lubric China Bejing, China ADD
03.-05. October ABRAFATI Sao Paulo, Brazil IPG
03.-05. October ACE Tech India 2017 Bangalore, India IPG
09.-12. October ACS Cleveland, OH, USA ADD
10.-12.October VinylTec San Antonio, TX, USA MPP
14.-17. October ILMA fall meeting Orlando, FL, USA ADD
17.-19. October China Wind Power 2017 Beijing, China URE
16.-20. October IDA World Congress 2017 Sao Paulo, Brazil LPT
17.-21. October FAKUMA Friedrichshafen, Germany HPM
22.-24. October 2017 Leman Swine Conference Nanjing, China MPP
18.-20. October SEPAWA Berlin, Germany ADD
24.-26. October CPhI Worldwide Frankfurt, Germany SGO
24.-26. October VGB Konferenz "Chemie im Kraftwerk" Koblenz, Germany LPT
25.-28. October China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 Beijing, China URE
25.-26. October Global Gypsum Conference Krakow, Poland MPP
26. October ASEFAPI-Techical Congress Madrid, Spain MPP
tbd Wetex Dubai LPT
31. October-3. November Aquatech Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands LPT
14.-16. November Cosmoprof Asia Hongkong, China URE
18.-20. November Chinacoat 2017 Shanghai, China IPG, URE, MPP, ADD
23.-24. November Kühlschmierstoff-Tagung Stuttgart, Germany MPP