LANXESS injection molding machine in the processing technology lab


Pocan® XHR with outstanding processing capabilities

Melt stability and flowability for injection molding applications
In demanding hydrolysis environments, it is important to secure a smooth processing in injection molding in terms of melt stability as well as flowability. Finding the right balance between the reactive hydrolysis stabilization and degradation is crucial. We were successful in balancing the properties of our high-performing hydrolysis resistant Pocan® XHR grades.

Additional flowability is needed to mold thinwall and metal overmold applications. Pocan® XHR`s extreme flow modification supports process control and offers a wide processing window, avoiding metal insert displacement due to high filling pressure. Suitable applications are connectors, mainframes and busbars.
Thin wall main frame made from Pocan
thin-wall application mainframe

High Performance Materials

Durethan & Pocan

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