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Fields of application

Depending on the material thickness, fiber type and arrangement, and thermoplastic matrix material, Tepex® exhibits a wide range of different property profiles - from highly flexible to highly rigid. The fine tuning of these parameters results in a higher specific energy absorption capacity compared to other materials. Tepex® is therefore ideally suited for applications requiring good dynamic properties at low component weight.


As diverse as the range of sporting goods is, so are the material requirements for sports shoe soles, bicycle components, ski boots or protective clothing and helmets, for example. Tepex® is up to all these requirements. Tailor-made, it forms the basis for lightweight components with optimum property profiles, for example in terms of power transmission or impact strength. This profile also includes a high-quality appearance and attractive surfaces.

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Industrial processes and applications require an efficient use of energy. Moving machine parts made with Tepex® meet high stability requirements even at relatively low weights. The movement or acceleration of these smaller masses requires less energy. The advantage is obvious. Special material properties such as flame retardancy, temperature resistance or the ability to absorb kinetic energy extend the range of applications for Tepex® in numerous industrial sectors. This applies, for example, to the electrical and electronics industry, public transport, security applications and aerospace.

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