Terminal Biosecurity

Shrimp farm in Asia using our Virkon Aquatic Product.

Intensified shrimp production provides an ideal environment in which disease-causing organisms can flourish and cause serious damage to productivity.

However the diseases originate, they can spread through recognised vectors of infection. These include; the shrimp pond liner or other surfaces (earth, concrete, wood), equipment & tools, vehicles, boats, staff & visitors, and even the water preparation itself.

Therefore, it is essential to follow a structured terminal biosecurity program, using Virkon™ Aquatic before each production cycle begins. This will help to prevent the “carry-over” of disease-causing organisms, thus ensuring that each new crop of shrimps gets a completely clean fresh start.


Virkon™ Aquatic is a formulated, fast-acting, broad spectrum disinfectant technology which has been specifically developed to meet the biosecurity needs of intensified shrimp production. It has a wide range of independently proven efficacy against key disease-causing organisms, and provides farmers with a convenient, multipurpose terminal biosecurity system all in one pack.


The table provides details of the key terminal biosecurity tasks that need to be carried out, and the dilution and application rates that Virkon™ Aquatic should be applied at.

Biosecurity Task Dilution rate Application
Routine disinfection of all pre-cleaned surfaces, earth, wood, & concreate (pond liners/bottoms, walkways etc.) 1:100 (10 grams of Virkon™ Aquatic to every 1 litre of fresh water) Using either a pressure washer or knapsack sprayer, apply Virkon™ Aquatic solution at an application rate of 300 ml per square meter (to point of run-off).
Routine disinfection of tools & equipment (including, buckets, nets, aeration paddles etc.) 1:100 (10 grams of Virkon™ Aquatic to every 1 litre of fresh water) Using a pressure washer, brush or cloth, thoroughly wash all equipment in Virkon™ Aquatic solution until visibly clean.
Footdips & vehicle tyre dips 1:100 (10 grams of Virkon™ Aquatic to every 1 litre of fresh water) Fill with a freshwater solution of Virkon™ Aquatic. Replenish every 4 days or when heavily soiled.
Boat and vehicle disinfection 1:200 (5 grams of Virkon™ Aquatic to every 1 litre of fresh water)

Apply Virkon™ Aquatic solution using either a pressure washer, knapsack sprayer, cloth or sponge until all surfaces are visibly clean.

Shrimp must be given an environment in which the disease-causing organisms are controlled to manageable levels, in order to provide them with the best chance of survival. Virkon™ Aquatic Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, in combination with an effective shrimp production biosecurity program, are the keys to achieving this.

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