As with pharmaceutical products, disinfectants with similar chemistry can have widely different performance characteristics when it comes to breadth of efficacy and the toxicological effects they have.


Therefore, selecting the correct disinfectant for continuous and terminal biosecurity applications is critical to help prevent and control disease challenges being introduced onto or spread around a modern fish or shrimp production site.


The disinfectant must have independently proven efficacy against a wide range of aquaculture pathogens and be effective at low temperatures.




  • Complex modern chemistry
  • Proven efficacy data sets and toxicological studies
  • Prevention against disease introduction and spread
  • Rapid knock-down and control the infections

Virkon™ AQUATIC is a balanced and synergistic blend of ingredients manufactured to internationally recognised standards, with utmost precision.


The powerful, broad spectrum formulation of Virkon™ AQUATIC has been scientifically developed to address and meet the pathogen control needs of  modern fish and shrimp farmed production.


Some disinfectants, while effective against pathogens, can have a negative residual toxicological effects on surfaces and equipment.


Virkon™ AQUATIC’s oxygen-based chemistry contains organic salts and acids, and its active ingredient decomposes rapidly by a variety of routes within the environment, breaking down to form the naturally occurring substances, potassium salts and oxygen.






Superior operator safety

Extensive investment has been made to assess the safety of Virkon™ AQUATIC  users. The assessment demonstrates that Virkon™ AQUATIC is not corrosive to skin and does not cause sensitisation. A typical in-use dilution of 1:100 (1%) has been shown to be non-irritating to skin and eyes, and is not a sensitising agent.


The ability of a disinfectant to work well at low temperatures contributes to the value of its use on a daily basis. It is well established that the efficacy of disinfectants can decrease as temperature decreases. Further, it has been shown that formaldehyde exhibits reduced biocide performance when the temperature is lowered. Conversely, Virkon™ AQUATIC maintains activity against various viruses at 4°C.


Virkon™ AQUATIC can be transported conveniently and rapidly by rail, sea, and air.  It is not classified as “dangerous for transport,” reducing the cost of shipment and negating the requirement to manage staff qualified in the shipment of dangerous goods.  Due to the complexities and restrictions surrounding shipment of dangerous goods, shipment times can be prolonged.


The powder formulation of Virkon™ AQUATIC simplifies storage thanks to its stability. It can be stored for long periods, making it ideal for stockpiling in bulk.


Environmental profile

The Virkon™ AQUATIC oxygen-based chemistry contains simple inorganic salts and organic acids. The active ingredient decomposes by a variety of routes within the environment, in soil and in water, breaking down to form the naturally occurring substances potassium salts and oxygen. The major organic components are classified as readily biodegradable, according to OECD and EU test methods.

Virkon™ AQUATIC  is not considered persistent in the environment, according to the standard European process for the classification and labelling of chemical preparations.  Independent studies have shown that diluted Virkon™ AQUATIC should not, when used as directed, pose any threat to sewage treatment facilities.

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