Virkon™ LSP 

Virkon™ LSP is a synergistic blend of synthetic phenolics specifically designed to provide flexibility and broad spectrum activity with efficacy against viruses, bacteria and fungi in a wide range of temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge. Virkon™ LSP provides a highly convenient multipurpose biosecurity solution for a wide range of disinfectant applications including:


  • Surfaces
  • Equipment
  • Bootdips
  • Wheeldips

Virkon™ LSP has a significant number of efficacy studies supporting approved label claims against OIE Listed Diseases, including; exotic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Fowl Plague), Newcastle Disease, African Swine Fever, Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), Foot & Mouth Disease (FMDv), and Salmonella.


The broad spectrum efficacy of Virkon™ LSP has been independently proven effective against an extensive portfolio of viral and bacterial disease-causing organisms using a wide range of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge.


Proven on-farm efficacy offers producers the reassurance and knowledge that the product they are using will be effective in real farm conditions, where varying temperatures and high levels of organic challenge can present serious problems to other disinfectant technologies.



The ability of a disinfectant to work well at low temperatures contributes to the value of its use on a daily basis. It is well established that the efficacy of glutaraldehyde disinfectants can decrease as temperature decreases requiring their concentration and surface contact time to be increased. Conversely, Virkon™ LSP maintains activity against various bacteria and viruses at 4°C without the need to increase concentration or contact time.

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