LEWATIT® MonoPlus S 108 KR

Lewatit MonoPlus® S 108 KR is a strongly acidic, gel-type cation exchange resin with beads of a uniform size (monodisperse), in highly regenerated form (min. 99% H') and purified (extremely low content of desorbable chloride Ions) to meet nuclear industry specifications.

Lewatit® nuclear resins (Lewatit® KR) are noted for their outstanding mechanical and chemical stability and their high osmotic stability.

The high total capacity results in high operation capacities with a very low ionic leakage and a very high regenerant utilization.

Because of their excellent hydrodynamic properties, Lewatit® KR resins allow particularly high flow rates. The extremely high monodispersity [uniformity cofficient: 1.05 (+/- 0.05)] and very low fines content of max. 0.1 % (< 0.4 mm) result in particularly low pressure losses compared with standard resins. Used in radioactive water circuits, they provide a number of special tasks and guarantee a water quality that fully complies with the requirement of the nuclear power industry.

Lewatit MonoPlus® S 108 KR is particularly suitable for:

  • the removal of cations, including radioactive isotopes, from aqueous solutions (pH control through adsorption of excess 7Li)
  • the decontamination of circuits in nuclear reactor plants
  • the removal of radioactive cations such as caesium 137 (fuel cooling)
  • the treatment of primary coolant e.g. in pressure water reactors
  • the purification of steam generator blowdown irrespective of the conditioning with Levoxin (hydrazine), ethanolamine or morpholine
  • the removal of activated cleavage or corrosion products, including mechanical filtration of suspended impurities
  • the polishing in the primary and secondary sections as a mixed bed component with Lewatit MonoPlus® M 800 KR or Lewatit MonoPlus® MP 800 KR

Rinse carefully with demineralized water prior to service or mixing with Lewatit MonoPlus® M 800 KR or Lewatit MonoPlus® MP 800 KR



Product Group

Ion Exchange Resin

Condensat polishing



Industrial water

Power Generation

Water Treatment

Business Unit Liquid Purification Technologies

D-50569 Cologne

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