Micronized pigments for coatings

Pigment’s performance in coatings systems is influenced by the ratio of primary particles and agglomerates. For high-performance coatings applications LANXESS is offering is micronized iron oxide pigments  under the Bayferrox® brand in various color shades such as red, yellow and black. 
Micronized Color Pigments for Coatings

All Bayferrox® M-grades are intensively milled by advanced technology and show a significant reduction of agglomerates at reduced dispersing time. The high proportion of primary particles  results in better pigment performance in the coatings application: 

  • Fast incorporation and reduced dispersing time result in lower production times and costs
  • Optimum tinting strength and gloss level can be achieved faster 
  • Micronized pigments can be incorporated at higher loadings without affecting the viscosity behavior

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