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Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Training especially young people has always been hugely important to us, both in order to safeguard the company’s and their future and as part of our social responsibility. Vocational training is the basis of our strategy of developing specialist staff from within our own ranks. Lifelong qualification and learning benefits both employees and our company.

But LANXESS engages further. Under the umbrella of the LANXESS education initiative, the Group supports children, young people and young adults around the world's production sites. In Germany, for example, around 270 primary schools use specially designed scientific materials to arouse the curiosity of young researchers. Workshops and laboratory days give young people the chance to learn about chemistry, while scholarships support STEM students worldwide. As one of the main sponsors, LANXESS is also committed to the non-profit organization Teach For India, which promotes students with poor starting conditions and develops their talents in order to open up career prospects for them. An initiative in the vicinity of the U. S. site El Dorado, supported by LANXESS, is a fun way for students to discover the exciting world of science. LANXESS has also been active in South Africa for many years and recently renovated classrooms at a school for children with physical and mental disabilities in Newcastle.


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  • Employee development - At least 80% of apprentices hired after completing their training