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Kalaguard® SB: 
Eco-friendly preservation

Kalaguard® SB is a consumer-friendly preservative for household applications. It is found, for example, in cleaning agents, laundry detergents, and dishwashing products, as well as wet wipes, fabric softeners, and room sprays.

Sustainable and effective: Kalaguard® SB for cleaning agents

Kalaguard® SB is a sodium benzoate preservative derived from benzoic acid. It has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect. The product is registered under the EU Biocides Directive (BPR PT 6) and U.S. EPA FIFRA. Sodium benzoate is also approved in Switzerland and the European Economic Area. It is classified by The European Chemicals Agency as a low-risk substance, with a better environmental, human, or animal health profile than traditional biocides. Sodium benzoate is used in products such as fragrances, cosmetics, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals.

High antimicrobial efficacy

In efficacy tests for a fabric softener, a dishwashing detergent, and a neutral pH cleaner, Kalaguard® SB was shown to economically and effectively control bacteria, yeast, and mold at 0.35–1.25 % and at pH values up to 7.0. The tests also proved that the preservative effectively inhibits a wide range of undesirable and potentially harmful microorganisms:

  • Candida albicans (yeast)
  • Aspergillus brasiliensis (filamentous mold)
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gram-negative bacterium)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (gram-positive bacterium)
  • Escherichia coli (gram-negative bacterium)
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Gentle cleansing

Consumer-friendly preservative

Kalaguard® SB is environmentally-friendly and authorized for use in products certified under green label programs, such as Ecocert, Ecolabel, and Nordic Swan. Thanks to its excellent chemical profile, sodium benzoate provides preservation of household cleaners while meeting all regulatory requirements. Its properties are in line with current and long-term consumer trends. Consumers prefer products that:

  • are gentle on the skin.
  • do not contain formaldehyde depot substances.
  • are suitable for people with allergies and other conditions.
  • are “nature-identical”.
  • biodegrade readily.

Kalaguard® SB meets these requirements with ease.

Kalaguard® SB: Convenient and easy processing

It will not have an adverse effect on product aesthetics, will not discolor the final product, nor affect odor. It has little impact on formulation viscosity. 

Kalaguard® SB is easy to handle since it is readily soluble, compatible with other preservatives or surfactants, and remains stable in detergent formulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
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Consumer Friendly Preservation 

Kalaguard® SB is a greener option for home care preservation: readily biodegradable, nature identical, non-irritating, and authorized by many green label programs.
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Effective Antimicrobial Control

Kalaguard® SB effectively inhibits the growth of a broad range of bacteria and fungi within home care products up to pH 7, protecting consumers and brands from microbial contamination.
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Easyto Use Preservation 

Virtually odorless and colorless, Kalaguard® SB preservative works well in combination with other common ingredients and doesn’t impact formulation aesthetics.
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