Bonds are capital market instruments used by LANXESS for financing of the group.

Issuer of the LANXESS bonds is LANXESS AG. The bonds are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Hybrid Bond: EUR 500,000,000 Subordinated Callable Resettable Fixed Rate Notes due 2076

Incomplete summary – Please refer to the prospectus for the full terms and conditions and to evaluate the risks of the notes

ISIN No. / WKN XS1405763019 / A2DACG
Initial Rating of Instrument BB (S&P), Ba2 (Moody’s)
Notional Amount EUR 500,000,000
Coupon 4.5% p.a. (until the first call date, thereafter rate reset as below)
Issue Price 98.655%
Issue Date 6 December 2016
Ranking Deeply Subordinated
Call Dates First call date after 6.5 years on 6 June 2023, annually thereafter.Additionally callable following specified exceptional events.
Interest Payment Dates 6 June (first “short coupon” on 6 June 2017). Payment deferrable.
Maturity Date 6 December 2076
Rate Reset On the first call date and every 5 years thereafter at the relevant EUR 5-Year Swap Rate plus a margin of 451bps (and step-ups if applicable).
Rate Step-Ups 25 bps from 6 June 2028. Additional 75 bps from 6 June 2043.
Denomination EUR 1,000
*“Provisions regarding resolutions of Holders” of the Agency Agreement dated 2 December 2016 between LANXESS and Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft as Paying Agent.

Senior Bonds issued under the Debt Issuance Programme

The Debt Issuance Programme (DIP) as a standardized documentation allows the flexible issuance of bonds. The final terms must be read in conjunction with the corresponding DIP prospectus and possible supplements.

ISIN No. Volume Issue Date Maturity Date Coupon Final Terms
XS0855167523 € 500 million 2012-11-21 2022-11-21 2.625% Final Terms
XS1501363425 € 500 million 2016-10-07


(initial maturity: 2021-10-07)


Final Terms

Announcement Early Redemption

XS1501367921 € 500 million 2016-10-07 2026-10-07 1.000% Final Terms
XS1820748538 € 500 million 2018-05-16 2025-05-16 1.125% Final Terms

Investor Relations

Investor Relations department of LANXESS

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