LANXESS expands production capacities in Asia

  • Production capacity of light-color aminic antioxidants for the lubricants industry to be increased by 2022
  • LANXESS is investing in its Taiwan site
  • Investment strengthens supply chain resiliences in Asia, USA and Europe
Lubricant runs over roller bearings
Lanxess expands its production capacities for light-color aminic antioxidants.

LANXESS is expanding its production capacity for light-color aminic antioxidants at its Taiwan site by several kilo tons. The specialty chemicals company is investing an upper single-digit million Euro amount to expand its facility in response to growing demand in APAC and further regions. The additional volumes are expected to be available by end of 2022.

“We have seen rapid market growth in aminic antioxidants in the recent months and years,” says Martin Saewe, Head of LANXESS’s Lubricant Additives Business (LAB). “With our strategically located three assets in Canada, Italy and Taiwan and our backwards integration into the key raw material, we stand for supply resilience in the industry. We intend to use the additional capacity to strengthen our market position and to grow with our customers.”

Veronika Sauer, Head of Marketing Lubricant Additives, says “To be ahead of the curve, we continue to develop safer, more sustainable, and higher performing antioxidants that are capable to meet changing market requirements. We are evaluating to offer some of these from our Taiwan site as well”.

LANXESS markets its aminic antioxidants under the brand name Naugalube.The investment at its Taiwan site will support globally harmonized specification of its flagship product Naugalube 438L – all sites will produce the antioxidant in light color. The liquid antioxidant is used in a broad range of transportation and industrial lubricants. With excellent high temperature performance, Nauglaube 438L reduces oil oxidation, prolongs lubricant life and extends service intervals.

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