bayferrox color pigments in petri dishes

Full Color Spectrum

LANXESS is a leading manufacturer of synthetically produced inorganic color pigments. Our Bayferrox® and Colortherm® iron oxides are available in the primary colors yellow (FeOOH), black (Fe3O4) and red (Fe2O3), but also as a mixture in orange, beige and brown shades. All products are recognized for their outstanding color stability, excellent light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance. Our product range also includes high-quality chromium oxide green pigments.

LANXESS has the broadest technology portfolio to cover the full spectrum of iron oxide solutions. Based on a global production network with synthesis sites in Europe, China and America, our Bayferrox® and Colortherm® iron oxide pigments are produced by three major production processes: Precipitation, Penniman and LAUX. Thus, we are able to offer an extremely wide color range and pigments with tailor-made properties for specific applications.

Our quality control system along the production process lays the foundation for highest product consistency. All LANXESS laboratories have testing competence according to recognized DIN standards. Bayferrox® quality means:

  • Very narrow color specification
  • Accurately defined and reproducible particle size distribution
  • Constant product behavior in the end application

We see ourselves as a service provider who offer customers a tailor-made range of pigment solutions and services at the highest quality level. Are you looking for more information or technical advice?


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