Odor control

New advanced chemistry to oxidize odors associated with the rendering process

Many rendering facilities have experienced complaints associated with unpleasant odors coming from odor scrubbing systems. Odor complaints, increasing governmental regulations on wastewater discharges, process safety management (PSM) issues related to on-site hazardous chemicals (e.g., chlorine gas), and stricter air emissions limits have significantly reduced the value and effectiveness of conventional odor scrubber chemistries.

ActXone™ peroxymonosulfate solution, a patented LANXESS oxidative technology, is very effective in controlling noxious, irritating and pungent odors from air scrubbers used in process, waste treatment, and air quality compliance applications. The unique oxidative chemistry of ActXone™ liquid provides a powerful, selective, kinetically-efficient, and irreversible oxidation of odorous compounds. The ActXone™ product is a single chemical solution that requires no mixing nor chemical activation; therefore it is safer both in use and storage. ActXone™ solution is miscible in water and chemically stable in the scrubber environment, simplifying residual control and the use of lower effective dosages compared to conventional oxidants.

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