Broad market coverage for exclusive synthesis

Saltigo GmbH
Cleaning of a nutsche filter in the Plant 3 of Saltigo GmbH in Leverkusen. Thanks to the 2.5 square meter filter area, approximately 800 kilograms of product can be filtered per operation. Photo: Saltigo GmbH

“Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of exclusive synthesis, we appeal not only to companies from the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also to other industries with demand for fine chemicals, such as the personal care sector,” explains Andreas Klein, head of Marketing and Sales at Saltigo GmbH, Leverkusen. The spotlight will be on this comprehensive expertise as the wholly owned subsidiary of specialty chemicals company LANXESS takes its place at this year’s CPhI Worldwide. The international trade show for active ingredients and intermediates in the life science industry will take place on November 5 to 7, 2019, in Frankfurt am Main.

Reliable partner for customers

“Many pharmaceutical companies are facing a challenging environment at the moment, particularly when it comes to launching new products on the market. With our highly diversified technological expertise, a broad service range and our employees’ many years of experience, we can make a key contribution to the success of such market launches,” explains Klein. He sees a general trend toward highly effective active ingredients. In all phases of clinical testing as well as during and after the market launch, smaller quantities of active ingredients tend to be required than in the past, according to Klein. However, this in no way changes the strict requirements that pharmaceutical companies set for their exclusive synthesis partners. These concern punctuality and reliability just as much as product quality and cost discipline – elements inherent to Saltigo’s business philosophy. The company is also a reliable partner in the manufacture of active ingredients and intermediates when it comes to enhanced requirements for quality and documentation right through to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Thanks to a highly automated production network and a broad portfolio of technologies, Saltigo is ideally equipped to reliably perform even complex synthesis tasks. For instance, expertise in the fields of heterocyclic synthesis, fluorochemistry and enzymatic reactions deserves special mention here. “We continuously and systematically modernize our production base to ensure that we are always state of the art,” stresses Klein.

Saltigo also uses its comprehensive knowledge of process development to improve existing technical packages that have been provided by customers or, if required, to develop new and alternative reaction paths.

Attractive range of fine chemicals

Saltigo supplements its broad service package and many years of experience in the exclusive synthesis of chemical active ingredients and intermediates with an attractive range of versatile fine chemicals. One example of these is 1,1’-carbonyldiimidazole. This substance, which is also referred to as Staab’s reagent, is used in numerous synthesis processes to activate carboxylic acid; in the pharmaceuticals industry, for example, in peptide synthesis; or as an equivalent for phosgene.

This range of fine chemical products also includes the active ingredient Saltidin, which is used in formulations to reliably repel insects. This protects the user against bites from mosquitoes, biting houseflies and ticks for several hours. These are not only unpleasant or even painful, but can also go hand in hand with the transmission of dangerous diseases. In chemical terms, Saltidin is 1-(1-methylpropoxycarbonyl)-2-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperidine. The active ingredient with the non-proprietary name Icaridin has a neutral odor and does not irritate, sensitize or stick to the skin. It is ideal for a very wide range of insect repellent formulations that are applied in a variety of ways and is used by numerous manufacturers of such products worldwide.

Detailed information on Saltigo’s services is available at

Saltigo GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of custom synthesis. The company, which is part of the specialty chemicals group LANXESS, belongs to the Advanced Intermediates segment, which earned sales of EUR 2.207 billion in fiscal 2018. Saltigo, which has its corporate headquarters and production facilities in Leverkusen and Dormagen, employs around 1,200 people worldwide.



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